What is Portrait Photography to me?

I am a portrait photographer.  But what is portraiture and portrait photography? 

To me it is a way of portraying a person and their personality in a still image. My preferred way to do that is through a camera or drawing. 

I love getting to know people, and capturing the way I see them. A good portrait to me is when I see a glint in an eye, and feel the connection the subject has to the person taking their portrait. 

Another way I judge my own work, is if people see their genuine self in the image I’ve taken of them. One client, pictured above, said to me 
“I’ve had my picture taken a few times, but this one actually depicts exactly how I see myself, you really captured that.”

To me portraiture is also depicting someones personality without words. I love taking pictures of babies or newborns, because you have to find another way of communicating and connecting, than talking. The same applies when I’m taking portraits of animals - I regularly vonunteer my time at a cat shelter.

I think one of the key elements to a portrait is also the interest that the subject is shown, you have to be interested to get to know people and connect with them.

Show interest, connect in order to portray the person! That’s my take on it :) 

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